A simple switch over to a smarter home. Discover the new companion for your existing switches.
A simple switch over to a smarter home. Discover the smart companion to your existing switches.


The perfect smart companion to your existing switches

Simple Features

An elegant upgrade to your existing switches


Beautiful custom faceplates that fit any standard faceplate

" Modena Smart Home incorporates high quality technology with beautiful designs. We highly recommend Modena for your next project " Meme Brooks,
Meme Brooks Design, 2020
" Modena Smart Home is an obvious choice as we seek to showcase the very best in innovation and enthusiasm in Pacific Northwest Design! " Dan Emery
East Van Lighting, 2020


SIMPLE FEATURES •Simple smart companion
•Works seamlessly in your home
•Increase in accessibility and safety
SMART Discover the smarter opportunities with Ally.

A great starter pack for those who are just starting to learn about the smart home.
FACEPLATES SIMPLE FEATURES SMART Bring the comfort and ease into your home.

The future is here with Ally. Offering a hassle-free and smart way of adapting to new technologies including app and voice control.
•Starts as low as $99 per switch
•Most cost-effective solution
•Suit any budget and design preference
FACEPLATES SIMPLE FEATURES SMART A fresh new look that suits any standard faceplate.

Give your home that extra touch. Easily change your faceplates to any desired colour.
•Sleek and bold new look
•Screwless plates that click into place
•Fast and easy installation that adapts to your routine


Find your style

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