Introducing Aspire


Introducing Ally


Premium statement smart switch with a bold modern look. ASPIRE is an upscale collection of smart switches created for innovators looking for bold statement pieces.

This line was created as the perfect smart companion for the existing switches. ALLY is a great starter pack for those who just started discovering smart home and its opportunities.





Bold modern look, designed like nothing before


The latest smart features that seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle


A statement piece with customized option and over 900 premium designer finishes


We developed ASPIRE for bold innovators who set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. A functional art piece combined with custom finishes.


Smart Features

Modena Smart Home, features Smartphone control Control your lights from anywhere Modena Smart Home, Voice Control Voice Control Compatible with Amazon and Google Home Scenes Set the perfect mood for any occasion Modena Smart Home, Features Night Light Never fumble around in the dark with motion-activated lights Vacation Mode Make your home appear occupied while you're away Energy Savings Monitor lighting levels and adjust automatically, saving you energy Vacation Mode Make your home appear occupied while you're away Scheduling Lights that adapt to your family's lifestyle Dimmer Set the perfect lighting level for each room


No Wiring

Takes Minutes

No Tools


With future-proof modular interface ASPIRE offers no boundaries on your designs or keeping up with evolving technology with our upgradeable faceplates.